1. Q – What products do we use?
    A – My makeup artist and hairdressers are equipped and up to, date with all the latest products and tools to create the perfect look that you choose. Makeup products are chosen according to each and individual needs. Brands we use Mac, Napoleon, Kryolon, Mineralogy Mineral Makeup, Ingot and Scout Cosmetics Mineral Makeup.
  2. Q – Do we use airbrush makeup
    A – Yes we do have amazing makeup artists that specialize in airbrush makeup.
  3. Q – Does the same stylist from the Trial Day attend the the final event?  
    A – Yes, the same stylist/stylists that  does your trial hair and makeup will be the same on your special day. We do not send a completely different stylist?
  4. Q – Do we use Mineral makeup?
    A – Yes, we know that there will always be someone that will have allergies to certain products. We have a vast range of products to cater for all clientele.
  5. Q – Do we travel to the event location.
    A – Yes, we travel to the wedding/event location on the day. Please note; There may be a travel cost for any location outside of the Melbourne CBD. This is all organized on the day of the trail.
  6. Q – Do I do a trial?
    A – Yes, trial days are very important. Trial days gives the bride and stylist peice of mind that on the special day you  have the very best stylists with whom you feel comfortable with.
  7. Q – Where do trials take place  and do you travel for this.
    A –  Trials are either done at the stylist studio as we allocate  someone that is closest to you so that travel is not too far or in some cases the stylist will travel to you.
  8. Q – Does the makeup last all day and dowe need to have touch ups?
    A – Everybody is different and our makeup can last all day as we only use the best products, but it’s a great idea that you purchase a lipstick from us or your own as you know lipstick does not last all day. A pressed powder is sometimes handy to have in your little bag of goodies in case you need.
  9. Q – Can we book the hairdresser/makeup artist for a whole day and what are the costs?
    A – You certainly can and the price for this also is worked out at the trial day as each wedding/event is different.
  10. Q – Do you need a deposit to secure the wedding/event?
    A – Yes once we have met all your requirements and you are confident that we are the team for your wedding a 50% deposit is needed to secure the date as we are so busy and wedding/event season books out really fast. This is done 1 week after the trial  day as we like you to go away and think about your chosen styles.