Mad Max Tester

Jun 11, 2015   //   by nicole coughlin   //   News/Blog  //  Comments Off on Mad Max Tester

IT looks like Mad Max and Furiosa fell in love after all.

Well, almost.

While everyone was rooting for Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron’s characters to end up together in this year’s epic action flick Mad Max: Fury Road, behind the scenes, their stunt doubles were getting a bit of action of their own.

Dane and Dayna Grant, after weeks spent filling in for the Hollywood stars in the Namib desert — taking apart firearms, dangling off speeding trucks and punching each other in the face — ended up falling for each other.

“I saw Dayna straight away — she was the only girl from New Zealand and she stood out like a sore thumb,” Dane, who was Hardy’s original stunt double before fellow Kiwi Jacob Tomuri came on-board, told

“I saw her bag with her name on it and my opening line was literally, ‘Hi. I see you’re Dayna. I’m Dane.’ That was about it.”

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