Goochi Hair & Makeup provides Trial Appointments

This is your chance to meet with Julie and the team to communicate your ideas and preferences for the big day. Before the consultation, she will send you a comprehensive checklist to help you prepare: from the type of clothing you should wear to the photos and accessories you should bring.

At the trial, Julie loves to create the styles that you’ve taken from magazines – but she will also present a range of other possibilities that through her expertise,  will be perfect for you. Taking into consideration your hair type, facial structure, hair accessories, wedding theme and a range of other elements, she will ultimately lead you in the right direction.

As you know, every wedding is different and so is every Bride. We are all individuals with different ideas, face shapes, skin colouring, complexions. Hair varies short, medium, long, coarse and fine.

Goochi Hair and Makeup staff are not only stylists but also highly qualified hairdressers. We understand everything about hair and no job is too big.

That’s why at Goochi hair and makeup we can help to create the look that caters for each individual Bride and theme.

And let’s not forget family members  our beautiful mums/mother-in-law that also play a big part on  special wedding days. We will make sure that we help to create their look to match their outfits.
Things to remember and bring on trial day

  • Leave at least 2 hours aside as this is a very important day  where we will create the LOOK for your special day. We don’t just create a single look  at the trial, we  create a variety of styles, as this gives us more looks to choose from.
  • A picture of your gown or something similar or fabric so that way we can determine what your look to be:
    –  timeless
    –  elegent
    –  vintage
    –   modern
  • Hair accessories if possible and if not we sell bridal jewellery/veil if possible and if  you do not have one,  we can provide this for your trial.
  • Colour or picture of your flower.s
  • A camera, to record and capture the look.s
  • Photos of brides maids dresses, flowers and hair accessories if possible.
  • It is beneficial for you to wear a top to match your wedding gown colour, so if  dress is strapless, wear a strapless top or shoe string straps etc. This will help when we put it all together to get the closest look to the special day.
  • We also may need to use 100% human hair extensions, clip ins or taped hair to match you colour if required, to create the look on you day.


Hair preparation before the trial

  • Hair to be washed and dried the night before if possible but if you have very fine hair can be washed in the morning
  • If the hair is fine, some mousse dried in the hair works really well.
  • Blow dry hair and please do not use the straightening irons  –  this makes the hair hard to curl if needed.

Skin preparation for makeup

  • Some ladies like to come in complete with their makeup, as they like the makeup artist to get a feel of what they are comfortable with. Please feel free to do this as we can cleanse your face when you come in.
  • Alternatively come with clean no makeup skin
  • Bring in your favourite lipstick or lip liners. However, if you do not have something appropriate, we sell makeup so we can help you to choose the best shade.
  • We provide and use a wide range of high quality eyelashes including individual flares and long strip lashes in various sizes. Our team only uses surgical glue which is completely dissolvable in water and has had no reaction thus far.

After trial is completed

After the right look is achieved we will sit down and discuss all the further important information that is needed before making up your mind, including the following:

  • Where the wedding will take place
  • What time the photographer arrives at the home/venue /hotel to make sure that  all  hair and makeup are fully completed before the photographer arrives.
  • Determine what time  we will arrive to start the wedding preparations in the morning/afternoon.
  • How many stylists are needed on the day as we never rush our work, we would rather  bring an extra stylist  to have the time run smoothly.
  • Determine how many people will require  hair and makeup We also can cater for the Grooms side and extra family  requiring our service.
  • Determine all  costs  at the trial where prices are confirmed. There are no hidden costs.
  • After the trial there will be a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure your special day.
  • Free consultation for bride maid’s  hair and makeup, flower  girl/girls, mum/mums inlaw, family or friends.